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Post by TheOverload on Sat Apr 12, 2014 1:05 am

RP Rules

- Only one RP character per person

- Killing will not be tolerated unless in a scenario/a official Govt Official approved duel is set up.

- In this community, stealing Salvage is not prevalent. Stealing will be considered spam


- The Currency is "Salvage"

- To host a gambling event, make a request thread in the gambling section saying if you are participating in it and the event you are hosting. Please be descriptive on how your games works, the components it uses, etc.

- Do not trust anyone who hosts an unauthorized gambling event. All gambling events are monitored by admins and moderators to make sure the correct payouts are made.

Giving Salvage

- If you would like to give someone Salvage, simply make a give request thread<persons username> <amount> confirm

- Moderators will closely monitor these threads to make sure that no scamming/other mischief goes on

- Do NOT give more Salvage than you have. The thread will be considered invalid and instantly deleted.

Scenario Rules

- Any and all RP scenarios/activities you participate in must pertain to your set of skills/your characters story(Ex: A chef shouldn't be ransacking homes).

- In the scenario you create(we allow custom scenarios), you must be realistic. A realistic scenario would be putting graffiti  a house as a criminal or burning government flags as resistance. Going skydiving, counterfeiting billions of salvage, or other scenarios which may not be realistic in this environment should not be made. All unrealistic scenarios to the Post Apoc world we find will be immediately deleted without warning.

- If your RP scenario includes people, their permission is required. They can charge you Salvage to be in your scenario as well as charge you for whatever they are doing. This charge should be put down into the comments and confirmed by both parties so that a proper transaction can be made. When the item system does come around, the items you have will be what you use and will effect the outcome of what happens in your scenario.

For those confused about scenarios

Main Post- I spray graffiti on a house and run down the road as soon as I finish.

Comments- *Person who is Law Enforcement*Sees the criminal running and apprehends on foot, calls for backup

Basically a scenario is started by one person and is expanded on by many. Do NOT post more than once in your own scenario, no matter the outcome. This also includes commenters. This is so that you will elaborate on your scenarios more. The more time you put into one, the better it may turn out for you. r[/b]

Non-RP Rules

- No disgusting content, shock sites, or un-needed gore/death.

- Do not post yours or others personal information(I.E. Credit Card Numbers, Addresses, etc).

- Novice writers are welcome! This doesn't mean that you should intentionally post terrible content. If you are a novice writer, then post a notice that you are a novice writer somewhere at the beginning of your post.

- Memes, comics, or rage comics are strictly prohibited.

- If you are posting content that is not yours, then give credit to the correct author. Yes, this also means to cite all your sources

- Do not re-post your own or someone's work, no matter how old the post is.

Character Sheets

- You Need to Make a Character in the City of your Choice

- Use this form

Submission Name:[Character Creation] <RP Name>

- Age:

- Name:

- Gender:

- Job(Job List is Below):

- City of Origin:

- Physical Description:

- Background Story:



The Citizens are your everyday people. They hold jobs, lead normal lives, and do the typical things a normal person may do. They're a neutral class, they do not fight for a side, they barely fight at all. This is the default class. Other classes must be applied for.

Law Enforcement

These are the people who put their lives on the line for the well being of a cities citizens. Their main enemy is the Resistance, but they target any who threaten the well being of the city they inhabit. They do not instigate fights or dangerous situations, but they come to prevent them from getting out of hand.


These are the everyday street scum who perform nefarious acts with no incentive. Whether it be something as little as graffiti to murder, they do it because they can. Their enemies are Law Enforcement, but they cannot directly attack them. They may only attack them if they feel threatened by them(so if they are being pursued). If a criminal really has the Audacity, they can go up against the Resistance. While they have similar goals, they are two different organizations and are able to interact in whichever manner they see fit.

Resistance are those who oppose the Government or simply support Anarchism. They can do everything a criminal can, but must have a cause for doing so. This reason is usually government related, considering the main goal of the Resistance is to 'Fight the Power'
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