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Welcome to New Jharia Empty Welcome to New Jharia

Post by TheOverload on Mon Apr 14, 2014 7:42 am

Hello & Welcome New Citizens of New Jharia!

Notices the dirt smeared and bloodied faces of travelers who had come from far and wide to make pilgrimage here, and drops the enthusiasm

I have no clue what you have been through, but I promise you that from now on it will get better!

The crowd seems unfazed, as though this promise is void to them. This makes him pause for a second, but he continues

Subsidized housing, food, water, and all necessities to life will be provided and those who come early just might be able to take an extra building to open up a shop. If you would like to grab any supplies, you of course must bring your ration book to the help center at the front gate. From there, they will give you a set amount of rations for the day and you can live freely and happily! Thanks for listening

With the same, dry look, the new citizens sulkily walked  to grab there ration books and head to the homes/tents they were directed to by the newly established law enforcement.

The Mayor Whispers To Himself

This is going to be harder than I expected

Current Facilities Owned

- 2 Housing Facilities
- 1 Public Kitchen
- 1 General Store
- 1 Armory
- 1 Bank
- 2 Infirmaries
- 1 Government Building
- 1 School
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