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Post by TheOverload on Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:17 pm

The Rules/Guidelines of Shopping at "The Inventory"

[1] You must post a thread in this forum if you want to spend your salvage on something from the main page.

How to Create :

- Make a thread titled "[Forum Name] Store Purchase"
- Type in that thread what you're buying
- Make sure you know the prices and include them inside of the thread(Admins will double check)
- Put your subtotal at the bottom

[2] Do not lie/cheat in any way in the threads you create or you will lose access to the forums for an extended period of time.
[3] If you don't have the points to buy something, do not say you're buying it. If your subtotal is over the amount of Salvage you have, the thread will be immediately closed and deleted.
[4] The only staff member who can handle transactions is "The Overload". Council Chairmen can accept, check, and close them. They cannot handle the transaction itself.
[5] Do not impersonate a chairman or face a temporary ban

[6] The items you buy are strictly used for RP situations. If you buy an item or multiple items, you must use them in the next RP situation you create. Any items you do not use will be void after your next RP Situation Post[/b]
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